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About Us

Welcome to Econosa your number one source for all things sustainable, eco-friendly, and fair trade-related. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of information, with a focus on where to find eco-friendly and sustainable products and tips.

Hey there! I’m Caitlin. I’m a social scientist and mother with a love of travelling and exploring the rich cultural and biodiversity across the globe.

I’ve always had an appreciation for beautiful clothing and fabrics, but over time, I’ve become increasingly concerned about the environmental and ethical impact of consumerism.

Having traveled extensively and worked in community development, I’ve seen firsthand the negative effects of fast fashion and our throwaway culture. I believe that through mindful choices, we can create a culture of conscious consumption that benefits both the planet and marginalized communities, and as the new lead at Econosa, I plan to share our research with you so you can make your own informed choices.

Caitlin R.

Head, Econosa

Hi I’m Ben

Ben T profile pic - Econosa founder

My background is in marketing and design but my love is the outdoors. I’m lucky as I live in New Zealand and we have some of the best scenery and nature the planet has to offer. I love nothing better than exploring it. With climate change and other various issues challenging the survival of our beautiful planet, I was thinking about what it is I could actually do to help. It’s easy to sit back and think nothing I can do will matter. Well without action it certainly won’t.
So I decided to start Econosa.
This way I could look at my own habits and find ways I can personally change things for the better. But while in doing so I can help others make more eco-friendly decisions also. If I can manage to help even a few people make more eco-friendly and sustainable choices, then I will have succeeded.
Hopefully, by promoting sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to everyday problems, I can leave the world in a slightly better condition than it may have been.

Ben T.

Hi I’m Adeline

Adeline E

Adeline graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Marketing. Originally from Singapore, she now lives on the road after leaving a 15-year career in travel and hospitality.

A fanatic dog-lover, scuba diver, rock climber, and outdoor person, she has a keen interest in environmental and marine conservation and continually strives to be friendlier to the planet.

Adeline E.
Content Creator

Hi I’m Jenny

I’m a content writer and nature lover. I was excited to get involved with Econosa as it allowed me to combine my two passions of writing and nature. When I’m not writing you can find me out biking, hiking and generally enjoying what the outdoors has to offer.

Jenny C.
Content Creator/Social Strategy

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Mindfully yours,
The Econos
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