52+ Places to get Eco Friendly Backpacks

Best Eco Friendly Backpacks

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Eco friendly backpacks

You might be in a similar situation to me right now. You need to purchase a new back but would like to purchase something that is sustainable and/or eco-friendly to reduce your environmental footprint.

Where do you start?

Well, I have put together a comprehensive list of where you can find sustainable and eco-friendly backpacks.

Below is a list of 52+ eco-friendly backpack brands, rated by our readers to help you with your decision. Be sure to share and give your favorite brand some love by giving them an upvote.

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Best Eco-Friendly Backpacks & Brands

InconnuLAB eco friendly backpacksInconnuLAB is a company that is committed to transparency, and a closer look reveals that they buy all their high-quality materials from local, ethical sources.

Every product they make is carefully considered in order to ensure that the environmental impact is as low as possible.

The handcrafted backpacks InconnuLAB makes are made of water-resistant canvas and have comfortable durable leather straps.

They are ideal for those busy days at work, school, or travel, and they have bags capable of carrying laptops up to 17 inches.

You can customize these packs with personalized embroidery to make it more your own.

Check out InconnuLAB here

Looptwors Eco friendly backpackThis U.S. based business both upcycles and repurposes materials that have been abandoned, turning them into unique and limited products.

All these materials were at one point destined for a landfill.

In using them, Looptworks is cutting down on unnecessary and excess waste, which in turn cuts down on harmful emissions and conserves resources.

Looptworks backpacks are 100 percent upcycled and have enough room for your laptop and whatever other gear you need for your day-to-day tasks.

They are water-resistant, durable, and are designed to be comfortable even if worn for extended periods of time.

grunbag eco friendly backpackGRüNBAG bags are environmentally friendly and durable. We are working for a greener future with an emphasis on recycling. That is why we pay close attention to the things that our society otherwise regards as a disposable product. The result is a colorful collection of GRüNBAG bags that provide a unique and environmentally friendly alternative for everyone.

90% of all of the materials we at GRüNBAG use are recycled materials. We always work towards zero waste approach in our company and are constantly on the outlook for new sustainable materials. Our focus is both on the reuse of materials and on a classic, simple design for everyday use.

MADE FREE Eco Friendly BackpackThe MADE FREE® model was designed to provide sustainable social reform – addressing the root cause of slavery (including human trafficking), poverty and the need for sustainable ethical jobs.

Every purchase supports a day of freedom from slavery and poverty through a self-sustaining job. Providing a dignified, and empowered pathway out of extreme poverty while reducing the risk of being trafficked or enslaved. Every item is made in a factory that meets or exceeds the World Fair Trade Organizations (WFTO) standards.

Today, there are over 750 million people living in poverty*, many work in South Asia’s fast growing apparel industry. There are 40 million slaves in the world. 40% live in India. 70% are females.**  Our mission is for one million people to be made free through self-sustaining jobs.

khmer explorer eco friendly backpackFrom backyard adventures to around the world trips, Banana Backpacks helps the everyday adventurer and changemaker leave a positive impact on the world and become the explorer they were born to be.

The company ensures ethical manufacturing, high quality gear that can last a lifetime, and a positive social impact with each bag.

Every backpack supports critical education programs for students in Cambodia, and is embroidered with the name of a student your purchase helped go to school. As a foundation of sustainable development, access to education improves quality of life and helps provide the tools required to develop innovative solutions to the earth’s biggest challenges.

Duluth Pack eco friendly backpackDriven by the desire to see more of society live with a focus on eco-friendly solutions, Duluth Pack manufactures bags that are made from renewable plant source fabrics, such as cotton-duck canvas. This material does not require any petroleum products during its production process, which makes it a low-emission and renewable fabric. In addition, the leather used to make Duluth Pack’s backpacks is all byproduct from the meat industry.

Duluth Pack offers canoe, outdoor, lifestyle, and kids backpacks. All styles provide an impressive amount of storage, whether it’s for notebooks or for your camping supplies. There is a lifetime warranty for all bags covering any craftsmanship and hardware.

Duluth Pack is the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer in the USA and has proudly and continuously been made in the USA since 1882. (138 years)

All manufactured products come with a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship and hardware.

Check Duluth Pack out here.

Fjällräven uses materials that originate from animals (such as leather, down, and wool) in circumstances when no synthetic material will be up to task in terms of durability.

However, the company is dedicated to only using suppliers that can guarantee that every animal is treated humanely and what’s more, are working toward achieving full traceability in every one of their animal-product supply chains.

Fjällräven’s eco friendly backpacks possess a whimsical yet utilitarian sense of style and feature quality craftsmanship.

They display the full fabrication details of every pack, which lets you see whether or not there are non-textile parts of animal origin.

Whether you’re looking for a backpack for hiking, everyday use, school, work, or other outdoor activities, Fjällräven definitely has what you’re looking for.

OOnyx & Green eco friendly backpacknyx and Green makes beautiful, expressive backpacks from a number of different recycled materials.

They’ve extended this sustainable approach to product packaging, as well, so you can expect to find your backpack shipped in material that’s also recycled.

There’s a great deal of aesthetic variety when it comes to Onyx and Green backpacks.

All of them embody cheer and whimsy through color and design.

The eco-friendly materials used in these backpacks include recycled newspaper, recycled Kraft hangtang, and jute.

Solgaard Eco friendly backpackSolgaard is very clear about their intentions: their goal is to assist in cutting all ocean plastic in half by 2025. For every one of their items that sells, they pull five pounds of plastic from the ocean. They are partnered with The Plastic Bank, an organization that works with teams in the Philippines to pull plastic from the ocean and upcycle it into products that are useful.

Solgaard has a vast selection of products, including the Daypack, which is made completely from plastic recycled from the ocean. Their backpacks will suit a variety of different needs, whether you are a busy student or a weekend hiker, and are both lightweight and durable.

Pinqponq eco friendly backpackThis German company operates with sustainability as one of their primary focuses. Every bag they produce is made with full sustainable fabrication certification. All PFC-free fabrics used in their products comes from 100 percent recycled PET bottles, which cuts down on the use of petroleum products as well as water usage. 

Pinqponq’s bags are roomy, hardy, and designed with your comfort in mind. They come in a variety of sizes, with the largest being ideal for those who enjoy camping and hiking and the smallest being perfect for day-to-day usage. Each bag comes with different color options, so you can personalize it to your tastes.

Ogio eco friendly backpackOGIO has, like many other brands, started to take steps in the right direction by recently putting out a collection made with modern, sustainable materials. The fabric used in the construction of these bags is made from recycled polyester yarn that is designed specifically for durability. In addition, the bags in this collection are also made from recycled plastic bottles. 

OGIO’s ALPHA Convoy collection contains four backpacks and a number of travel bags, available in a range of colors. They are designed to be tough enough to endure long days of use and all four backpacks provide enough storage for whatever you might need. These backpacks come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty.

Cotopaxi believes that a good design should take into account every step of a product’s lifestyle, from conception to the sale. To that end, the company produces some truly funky backpacks utilizing recycled materials in order to reduce their impact on the environment. Their products come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that exchanges, repairs, or replacements are easy to come by but will likely be unnecessary. 

Cotopaxi’s backpacks are an eclectic mix of colors, style, and utility, which makes them incredibly unique. These packs are designed to let you stay organized no matter where you are, and are sturdy enough to be perfect for any adventure you might want to take.

Rewilder eco friendly backpackRewilder is a brand with a focus on sustainable fashion. They take discarded industrial materials and upcycle them into products that are not only rugged, but have a timeless, classic aesthetic. The company hopes that their efforts to upcycle and reuse will inspire others to do the same in order to change the face of modern consumption and the impact it takes on the environment. 

Rewilder currently only has one backpack in their catalogue and 100 percent of the materials used in its construction are upcycled or reused seatbelts or airbags. It had plenty of versatility in its water bottle pockets, laptop sleeve, and numerous snap and zipper pockets.

State uses their position as a platform to focus and improve social injustices found throughout the world.

very bag purchased from State is used to fund American children and families that are in need.

Part of this impressive initiative involves donating fully stocked backpacks to those who need it most.

State also participates in special projects with schools and other charities with similar outlooks on social injustice. 

State’s backpacks are a perfect blend of utility and style.

They have more than enough room for anything a busy student will need on a day to day basis but are also an excellent fit for those who are always on the go for work.

They are meant to compliment individuals regardless of how they identify and if you want to add a little extra personalization, there’s an option that lets you add text specific to your tastes.

State has a generous interest-free, 4-installment payment plan for those who need it, which is ideal for those operating on low income.

Lo & Sons makes clear their priorities: they firmly believe that businesses are able to operate in manners that don’t just reduce environmental impact – they believe it is entirely possible to reverse environmental damage through use of inventive solutions.

Lo & Sons are focused on ensuring their products are high-quality and durable while maintaining peak sustainability. 

The backpacks Lo & Sons creates are designed with functionality in mind.

Some have a luggage sleeve to allow you to seamlessly attach it to your suitcase, and there are stash pockets that are perfect for your passport and other important documentation.

Their sustainable backpacks are lightweight and are perfect for school, work, workouts, or travel.

The materials used are 600D recycled polyester that is both water-resistant and incredibly durable.

“Our way: Exceptional quality. Ethical factories. Radical transparency.??? Everlane’s mission statement is succinct but impactful.

One of the fundamentals of this company is how devoted they are to partnering only with factories that meet the highest ethical standards and to that end, they spend months evaluating prospective factories to see if they’re a fit.

They deliver a compliance audit that measures things such as safe environment, fair wages, and reasonable hours and will only partner with factories that score a 90 or higher. 

verlane’s packs have a minimalist aesthetic and are made from 100 percent recycled polyester.

They also feature a water-resistant finish that is fluorine free, making it safer both for you and the environment.

These packs are suitable for travel or everyday use and have a surplus of utility in all the different pockets and holders.

While there is some new plastic (the zipper teeth), Everlane is working toward replacing that with 100 percent recycled material instead.

stWst’s priorities are of a global scale and emphasize the health of both the planet and the population.

They acknowledge that everything they use in the manufacturing process comes from somewhere and that it all leaves an impact behind.

Because of the influence globalization has had upon certain parts of the world, EstWst focuses on using traditional fabrication processes and natural fibers that are locally sourced.

The eco friendly backpacks EstWst creates are colorful and simply designed, but are fully capable of offering all the functionality you need.

They’re made of materials such as organic cotton, vegetable-tanned leather, handwoven Indian ikat, organic cotton canvas, and recycled waterproof liners.

You can check the origin of every backpack they sell on their website, which will let you know where the materials originate from as well as where the backpack was constructed.

Terra Thread is devoted entirely ensuring Fair Trade practices, which means they are firm advocates of sustainable growth and fair employment practices (legal wages, benefits, safe work environments, and gender equality).

Fair Trade also encompasses a total ban on forced or child labor at any place in the company’s supply chain.

By choosing to purchase Terra Thread’s products, you are supporting these Fair Trade practices.

Terra Thread’s fair trade backpacks are completely sustainable, which is to say they are constructed from GOTS Certified organic cotton.

Their fair trade back pack options are available in a multitude of colors, including denim, and are perfect eco friendly backpacks for school use, work or travel.

The zippers are lead-free and they come with padded shoulder straps for additional comfort.

Fashion can still be stylish and functional without sacrificing any social responsibility, and that’s the stance that Pixie Mood has taken.

They support a vegan lifestyle and to that end, all of their bags are made through practices that do no harm to any living things and to that end, they use only the most sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

Pixie Mood’s backpack aesthetic is charmingly minimalistic and easy to match with any outfit.

The backpacks are great for school, work, and travel use and are made with different types of sustainable materials, such as recycled water bottle linings and vegan leather. Some feature detachable straps so that you can use them as a shoulder bag if the situation calls for it, making them very versatile. 

The founders of Mafia believe in the concept of a low impact lifestyle, something that is clearly represented by the company’s approach to sustainability.

They reuse their cardboard shipping boxes and what’s more, every one of their products came backed by a lifetime guarantee.

The materials they use in manufacturing are quite unique and also recycled:

They use sails that would have otherwise ended up in landfills and then work in conjunction with local manufacturers to complete the final product.

Mafia has reused more than 16,000 yards of sails to make their backpacks.

The recycled back packs are lightweight and hardy and come in myriad bright colors and come with special compartments for your laptop and water bottle.

The material is water-resistant and is usually a combination between boat sails and kite surf.

ach pack is made individually and they are all suitable for an urban or active lifestyle.

House of Marley is built around the principles of sustainability and advocating for charitable causes.

A portion of their sales is put toward a global reforestation project.

The company was created as a collaborative effort with the members of Bob Marley’s family as a way to carry on the late singer’s earnest desire to protect the planet and spread the universal concept of love.

All the materials they use are carefully sourced and recycled in an effort to reduce their impact upon the environment. 

The packs come in a few different colors and boast high-quality construction, making them very durable.

They’re suitable for different lifestyle speeds, whether you’re a busy student, a gym junkie, or always on the go for business.

There’s plenty of room for your laptop and all the other things you might need on a day to day basis and what’s more, these backpacks are designed with your comfort in mind.

Millican has made its mark as a brand focused on doing its part to protect the fragility of our wildernesses and eco-systems.

They run their business with open transparency and make an effort to choose the sustainable option wherever they can in order to lessen their ecological impact.

The backpacks Millican make are extremely practical, lightweight, and made of materials from sustainable sources.

They are versatile as well and are as useful for the day-to-day as they are for a few hours spent out on your favorite hiking trails.

You’ll have plenty of room for all your work/gym/school/outdoor essentials and what’s more, you will be able to wear these packs in comfort.

There are few backpacks out there as unique as what you’ll find among Freitag’s selection.

One of their first bags was created from car seat belts, bicycle tire inner tubes, and used truck tarps.

Their innovation led to even more bags created from recycled and sustainable materials, such as hemp yarn and bast fibres.

Frietag’s eco friendly backpack selection is large, colorful, and full of versatility.

It’s easy to see what each individual backpack is made out of on their website, giving you an idea of just how much effort the company puts toward creating eco-friendly products.

Truck tarpaulins are tough and subsequently, the backpacks made from them are going to endure a lot of wear and tear regardless of if you’re taking them to work or out on the trail.

Baggu designs bags with longevity in mind.

Their production processes use sustainable materials and reduce waste, and the company has partnered with a manufacturer in China that meets all fair and ethical standards.

Baggu’s bags are eco-friendly and affordable without sacrificing any style or comfort.

The backpacks Baggu offers are lightweight and rugged, giving them the kind of flexibility needed for people who are busy with travel, work, or outdoor activities.

There are plenty of pockets to hold all your extras and adjustable straps so that you can maximize your comfort.

Baggu has a 4-instalment interest free payment option beneficial for those who operate on a tight budget.

The pillar of WAYKS business approach is sustainable sourcing.

Every action this company takes is with the intention of lessening the social and environmental impact it leaves behind.

In the interest of reducing resource consumption through the manufacturing process, WAYKS designs products with longevity in mind, using only the highest quality materials and immaculate craftsmanship.

WAYKS eco friendly backpacks are all about versatility and as such, one of their bestsellers is a 3-in-1 bag that comes with a removable bottom compartment with waist strap and a removable back panel.

All WAYKS bags are fully adjustable, are PFC free, and are made in large part by recycled material from plastic bottles.

You pack them similar to the way you would pack a suitcase, allowing you to carry a great deal with ease.

Kathmandu works hard to ensure that everything they do is sustainable.

What’s more, they promote environmental concern, filming documentaries and blogging about helpful, eco-friendly topics in order to help spread awareness.

If you take a deeper look into their mission statement and beliefs, you’ll find that this is a company focused on preserving the world while preventing further damage.

The backpacks that Kathmandu produces are tough, lightweight, and designed to be as comfortable as possible even when you’re shouldering a full load.

You can buy them in hiking, day, and travel varieties and all of them offer up the same kind of functionality and reliability.

The fashion world often willingly overlooks the lasting impact it has on the environment.

Tale of the Future believes that it is the responsibility of every fashion company to acknowledge the social and environmental influence they have on the world.

To that end, this company promotes and maintains sustainability, in addition to supporting ethical choices in the fashion industry. 

Tale of the Future’s backpacks are stylishly minimalistic and are suitable for day travel, school, and work.

They are entirely free of any kind of material that comes from animal origin, are made from natural materials only, and were colored with chemical-free dyes.

There is no plastic foam in these bags – instead, jute was used, which is a hardy, natural material. 

Tentree creates outdoor gear with a focus on using sustainable materials.

They are transparent about their impact on the world and are passionately involved in environmental preservation.

It is the company’s goal to plant 1 billion trees by the time 2030 comes around and to date, they’ve planted 20 million in eight different countries. 

Tentree’s bags are made of recycled polyester, are designed in Canada, and are manufactured by ethical means in Vietnam.

All other materials used in the backpacks are sustainably sourced, as well, including all trim and the zippers.

You can see the eco-log for each backpack on the website, which shows you how much waste was saved in the manufacturing process.

RareForm uses an odd material to make its backpacks: vinyl from billboards, which in the past wasn’t considered to be recyclable.

The vinyl is actually very tough and very flexible, making it the ideal choice for crafting bags of different styles and varieties. RareForm goes through hundreds of billboards a day, hand cuts them, and repurposes them for bag material. 

RareForm has a considerable selection of backpacks to choose from, all affordable and available in many colors.

You can easily find the perfect pack among their catalogue for travel, school, or work needs and can rest assured that the repurposed vinyl will be durable enough to last for a long time. 

coGear is entirely committed to crafting bags that have a reduced impact on the environment and will last for a long time.

They’re also made from Repreve, which is the recycled fiber taken from plastic bottles.

All EcoGear products also have a lifetime warranty, which increases the value of your investment.

coGear has impeccably crafted eco friendly backpacks for your consideration.

Depending on the type you select, you’ll benefit from molded foam and ergonomic shoulders straps, letting you wear the backpack in comfort.

Reflective strips give you an additional safety measure when you’re out on the road or trail.

Co-founded by two environmentally conscious individuals, Urban Expressions makes all manner of earth friendly backpacks and bags that fall into the “luxury vegan??? category.

The company is PETA and Vegan.org approved and takes a firm yet stylish stance on ensuring that their mark on the fashion industry comes without any cruelty to animals. 

Urban Expressions’ backpacks are distinctive and versatile.

Depending on the style, you can expect to find them made of luxe vegan leather (solid color or printed pattern), and plenty of pockets for all your necessary items.

The craftsmanship is impeccable, so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

Ethnotek crafts travel bags and backpacks from materials that are ethically sourced from artisans in multiple parts of the world, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, and India.

The textiles are handmade, beautiful, and unique. If you need a backpack for a day trip or to haul your laptop around in, Ethnotek has you covered.

The website catalog is very informative, letting you see all relevant details and in addition to that, introduce you to the artisan responsible for crafting the textiles used.

These ethically made backpacks feature colorful, brilliant designs but are also rugged enough to handle a lot of wear and tear and are certainly some of the best best environmentally friendly backpacks around.

REI has made the impressive choice to make profit their secondary concern and focus foremost on their purpose to operate in as sustainable a manner as possible. In fact, in 2018, REI gave back more than 70 percent of their profits, working toward goals such as transforming urban and suburban areas into places suitable for outdoor recreation, thereby reducing the recreational impact on other areas of the environment.

Rei’s backpacks run the gamut from utilitarian to stylish and are suitable for everything from carrying textbooks around to letting you lug everything you need for an overnight hiking trip. There are even packs for specific hobbies, such as cycling, snowsports, and hydration packs.

Paravel’s belief that luggage should improve the lives of those that make it is a powerful one, and to that end the company has strict requirements that must be met throughout the manufacturing process. The company makes it a point to reduce the environmental impact made by all its operations and products and they use recycled plastic bottles in many of their designs.

Paravel’s backpacks mbrace the minimalist aesthetic while providing people with the utmost in functionality. They are also of innovative design, easily folding flat to make them easier to store and having zip pockets that give you more than enough room to carry whatever it is you might need.

Parker Clay provides quality leather craftsmanship with all leather they use being sustainably sourced. Sustainable leather is typically a byproduct of local agriculture industries and is considered sustainable because the animals the leather comes from are not raised for the purpose of producing leather. They source the leather from Ethiopian providers who operate within Parker Clay’s ethical standards.

Their backpacks are striking, solid color, and very durable. They have unique designs that you won’t find on just any backpack and what’s more, they’re a great choice for students or for busy working individuals who have a lot to carry to and fro. 

Sandqvist’s products are created with sustainability and longevity in mind. Concern for the environment is foremost among their concerns and that’s why they are focused on four areas where they are devoted to reducing environmental impact: water issues, biodiversity, chemicals, and climate change. They have implemented changes to chemicals used in their manufacturing processes, in addition to changing transportation methods, in order to meet these goals.
Sandqvist’s selection of backpacks are varied in color, material, and use. Some are perfect for work or school, while others are more lightweight and better suited for a day spent biking or out exploring your favorite trails. The lightweight backpacks are created from 100 percent recycled nylon ripstop, while the others are made from organic cotton and leather.

Driven by the awareness that the fashion industry is responsible for an increasing amount of the world’s pollution, thredUP is putting a new spin on the used clothing scene. They have reinvented the art of the resale through their automated upcycle centers, decreasing their environmental impact by a huge margin while ensuring that there is no unnecessary waste.
The backpacks you find with thredUP may not be made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials, but they are in excellent condition for being previously used and by buying one, you’re doing your part to help the company cut back on unnecessary waste. Due to the nature of resale, you will be able to find any kind of backpack you are looking for through thredUP, be it for sports, day use, or fashion.

The fashion industry takes a heavy toll on the environment, and TUMI has made it their mission to reduce their part in that toll. To that end, the company has a recycled collection wherein the majority of materials used are recycled. What’s more, there’s no need to sacrifice utility by using sustainable materials – all their recycled bags are completely functional and durable.
TUMI’s recycled collection features seven backpacks, some available with four different color choices. The bags feature plenty of room for all the essentials but are still lightweight enough to be comfortable for hours of use. You can customize these bags with the TUMI accents kit, which adds a monogram patch, zipper pull ties, a handle wrap, and a luggage tag.

All of Made Trade’s products are made through ethical and sustainable processes. The company prides itself on providing consumers with high-quality, fashionable goods created without leaving a negative impact on the environment. They also feature vegan wares, made with responsibly sourced materials like mushroom leather, faux leather, or Piñatex.

Made Trade’s bags come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and are best suited to everyday casual use. Some are innovatively constructed from materials such as recycled bike innertubes but still look incredibly striking. The backpacks are meant to last, have plenty of room, and are designed to be as comfortable as possible while wearing them. 

The amount of textile waste the fashion industry creates is staggering, which is why the founders of Opus Mind have decided to recycle textile scraps into functional, visually appealing backpacks. All the leather used by this brand is upcycled and all their packaging is 90 percent post-consumer recycled, ensuring that there is no unnecessary waste.
The backpacks Opus Mind designs are simple yet elegant, providing you with all the storage space you will need while still letting you look chic. These packs are perfect for daily use and will be conversation starters no matter where you go.

This Swiss fashion brand is well known for successfully mixing sustainability with style and function. Since 2008 they have been creating bags with a distinct, memorable look that leave behind minimal environmental impact. They make use of renewable materials however they can, including vegetable tanned leather, organic cotton canvas, and Bananatex®, a shell fabric made from banana fiber. 

QWESTION’s backpacks are very minimalistic, consisting of clean silhouettes and solid colors. You can select from daypacks, zip packs, or roll packs, and all styles offer considerable room for whatever you might want to carry around for the day.

This brand’s mission is to promote sustainability and they do so by making use of PET recycling, which is a yarn alternative that is far friendlier on the environment. For each eco backpack GOT Bag sells, they are able to recover about 2.5 kilograms of plastic from the ocean and then use it to create more yarn. They believe that in order for a product to be truly sustainable, it must be the very definition of unbreakable. Therefore, every bag they make is made with the highest quality in mind. 

The backpacks feature a straightforward, simple yet appealing design and available with rolltops or zippered tops. Comfort was a big consideration with these designs and so too was, so you won’t want for either if you purchase one of these bags.

Sustainability has been a main concern of Osprey since the very first days, and that’s why make use of high-quality recycled materials and chemistry processes that are more eco-friendly. By using recycled materials instead of virgin materials, they reduce their carbon footprint by a considerable 45-50 percent. In addition, Osprey has also reduced its packaging in order to conform to their sustainability beliefs.

Osprey’s backpacks cover a wide range of activities, from mountaineering to snowboarding to biking. The packs are very durable, well-constructed, and provide you with more than enough room to carry all the necessities you will need for your hobby.

Vaude makes outdoor gear that is not a burden on the environment. They do this by using environmentally friendly materials such as bioplastics, organic cotton, hemp, wood fiber, and natural dyes. The recycled materials they use in their production includes:

  • Polyester
  • Down
  • Polyamide
  • Plastic bottles
  • Coffee grounds

Vaude’s backpack selection offers consumers a huge selection of styles, sizes, and colors. These packs are made to last through bad weather and long days and are perfect for your outdoor hobbies, whether you’re into mountain biking or days-long hikes.

This brand makes fashionable goods out of upcycled or recycled materials, such as billboard banners and bike tire inner tubes. The things they create are hardy yet stylish, guaranteed to catch the eye while at the same time leaving little to no impact on the environment during the manufacturing process. 

Alchemy Goods’ recycled backpacks have a lot to offer in terms of day packs. With enough storage to perfectly meet your busy day-to-day needs, these packs are striking enough to be noticed but functional enough to be your go-to bag no matter where you’re headed.

Truce Designs’ products are made in such a way that the environmental impact is as low as possible. What’s more, they make use of discarded materials like drysuit nylon, technical fabric, and sailcloth to make their bags. When they require virgin materials, they make sure to source domestically or from end-rolls production. 

The backpacks Truce Designs create are aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian, giving you everything you’ll need for a day spent hiking or biking while still looking stylish. They are designed to last a lifetime, are handmade, and can carry just about anything you need during your time spent out and about. 

ChicoBag is determined to leave the planet a better place than they found it, which is why they are so focused on creating processes that eliminate waste throughout manufacturing. Their zero-waste philosophy has led them to partner with artists to recycle materials into bags. The company will gladly accept any worn out reusable bags in order to prevent them from going to a landfill. 

ChicoBag currently has only one backpack, a travel pack that is made from recycled bottles, is machine washable, and is sturdy enough to handle long hours or days of use. The recycled backpack comes in three colors and has more than enough room for you to haul around supplies for school, work, or a day spent out on the trails. 

This brand’s devotion to producing eco-friendly goods is an admirable one. Jack Wolfskin only uses leather that is a natural by-product, organic cotton, ethically sourced merino wool and duck and goose down, and recycled polyester. In addition, all their products are PFC and PVC free and in addition, they do not use nanoparticles for water repellant. 

Jack Wolfskin’s backpacks are available in a wide array of styles and are suitable for running, carrying your camera around in, hiking, and for day-to-day use. No matter your hobby or requirement, you will be able to find a backpack from their catalogue that’s perfectly suited to you. 

Parkland makes bags meant for everyday life, and the exterior fabric used to make those bags consists of 100 percent recycled water bottles. The leather diamonds used on some of their products is made from apples through a unique process that mixes the byproduct from apple juice production with polyurethane to make a material that is very similar to actual leather but is in fact 100 percent vegan. 

Parkland’s backpacks are a neat blend of whimsy and utility. There are plenty of styles and regardless of whether you like color or monochrome, there is definitely something that will appeal to you. The bags have two front storage pockets and a zipper enclosure, giving you easy access to store whatever you might need to.

This company makes sustainable, organic, vegan, ethically made clothing and baggage. It was founded in 1997 by homesteaders who handcraft all their linen, hemp, and organic cotton products. They grow the materials they use, making them one of the few truly sustainable fashion brands out there. Even the trimming and edging on their organic backpacks are made from hemp, making these bags perhaps more eco-friendly than any others out there. 

Rawganique’s ethical backpacks are not what you might expect, as they have a classic silhouette that combines minimalism with functionality. They are made to last, come with padded straps for comfort, and are just as great for carrying around your laptop all day as they are for carrying your hiking supplies.

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Hunting for the perfect mini hemp backpack to carry all your essentials? When you choose a hemp pack, you’re making a great choice for the planet! Hemp is gentle on the earth because it needs minimal water to thrive, and…...

11 Hemp Backpacks To Replace Synthetic Alternatives

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23 Best Vegan Handbags & Brands (2023) | Your top choices.

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