12 Best Sustainable Slippers for 2020 [Updated]

I’m one of those people that have terribly cold feet. I need to have socks or slippers on my feet to feel warm.

This lead me to find out where I can purchase the best sustainable slippers and see what options are available.

I hope you enjoy the list.


1. Baabuk Sustainable slippers

Baabuk Sustainable Sippers

• Ethical Practices
• Family Owned Business
• High quality New Zealand Wool

2. Betterfelt Sustainable Slippers


• Danish Company
• Hand Made in Nepal
• Natural Materialss

3. Kyoto Unisex 100% Organic Hemp Slippers

Kyoto Unisex 100% Organic Hemp Slippers

• 100% Organic Hemp
• Glue-free Vegan Hand-Made Hemp
• Hand-crafted from start to finish

4. Chilote slippers


• Handcrafted
• Made in Patagonia by a network of independent female artisans.
• Each pair comes with a repair kit

5. Muffle-Up!


• Canadian Company & Hand Crafted.
• Made from Upcycled leather & Re-purposed Sheeps fur
• Made in Algonquin

Top 12 Best Sustainable Slippers / Best Eco friendly slippers for 2020

Best sustainable slippers / Best eco friendly slippersBelow I have compiled a list of 12 of my favorite sustainable slippers.


1. Baabuk Sustainable slippers

Baabuk1. Baabuk Sustainable slippers is all about being innovative and curious with their sustainable high quality shoes and wool felt slippers.

The company aims to pair comfort with sustainability so that consumers can feel good about their purchase in every way. The founders started the company after taking eight hours to handcraft a pair of slippers from natural wool.

The family-owned business focuses on ethical practices and uses Marino wool from well-cared-for New Zealand sheep.

Their farmers’ processing practices don’t harm the environment.

They also manufacture their products in a factory in Nepal, where they can give back to the local community.

The wool is naturally antimicrobial. The natural rubber soles are flexible with just enough padding.

These slippers will keep you feeling cozy in all weather.

Wool keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and are certainly some of the best natural slippers the world has on offer.

Check out Baabuks Wool Slipper Range Here

2. Betterfelt

2. Betterfelt Sustainable SlippersWe don’t just like Betterfelt because of their clever tagline, “You have never felt better!”

The Danish company makes hand felted slippers in Nepal, paying fair trade wages.

The method for washing the slippers helps them retain their natural lanolin. Lanolin provides resistance against dirt and moisture.

This pair of slippers will regulate your body temperature, so it’s best to wear them without socks.

The company makes a few styles of slippers from natural materials. The booties are perfect for keeping your ankles warm.

Check out Betterfelts Slippers here.

3. Kyoto Unisex 100% Organic Hemp Slippers

3. Kyoto Unisex 100% Organic Hemp Slippers
Credit: rawganique.com

Rawganique makes chemical-free cotton linen hemp products. They have a few styles of house slippers that are comfortable, grounding, and have fair trade & ethical labor practices and sustainable materials.

The Kyoto Unisex 100% Organic Hemp Slippers are created from 100% organic hemp.

These slippers are made from organic European hemp and are all hand-crafted.
They do not contain any glue, rubber, latex, or chemicals.

They’re ideal for consumers that are sensitive to chemicals.

Check them out here.

4. Chilote

4. Chilote slippers
Credit: chiloteshoes.com

Chilote wool slippers just look earthy. The way their handmade slippers are created is through a network of independent woman artisans, empowering the authentic culture of Patagonia’s artistry and people.

Some of them are 100% raw natural sheep wool. The wool is thick and plush but breathable. Others incorporate locally sourced organic vegetable tanned leather or salmon leather for the outsole. Over time, the slippers conform to the shape of your foot.

When you purchase a pair from this Chilote, you’ll get a QR code that lets you track your slippers to the particular artisan group in Patagonia that created them.

Each pair of Chilote house slippers comes with a repair kit for self care, so that you can mend them instead of replacing them, making them even more eco-friendly and some of the best slippers around.

The production process of each of their pairs of slippers is highly eco friendly and as a result, has a low carbon footprint which is so important in the face of today’s climate change.

5. Muffle-Up!

5. Muffle-Up!
Credit: www.muffleup.ca

Canadian company Muffle-Up! is all about reclaiming used materials. The slippers are constructed with upcycled leather on the soles and repurposed sheep’s fur for the linings. The rest of the foot covering is made of soft, non-itchy wool for extra comfort. Scraps that are cast-off during the manufacturing process go to local artists.

The products are handmade in Ontario, Canada. Muffle-Up! has made a public acknowledgment that it respects the land, history, and people of the Algonquin territory in which the products are made.

6. Thought

6. Thought slippers
Credit: www.wearethought.com

Many slippers look similar to one another. You see lots of booties and mules. Thought slipper socks are a little different. They look a little more delicate and feminine, but they’re just as rugged as the rest of them. The hand-drawn print makes these slippers unique.

The bamboo and organic cotton are sustainable materials. The lining is made of recycled polyester. These slippers are also easy to keep clean. You can just toss them in the wash when they get dirty.

7. Freewaters 

7. Freewaters
Credit: freewaters.com/

Freewaters makes eco friendly slippers, among other casual footwear, such as sandals and sneakers. The slippers are vegan, the products are made with no PVCs or harsh glues, and the packaging is eco-friendly. These slippers use bags made from eco stone powder instead of plastic materials and a great choice for the eco conscious.

Freewaters also has a mission to provide clean water to communities that need it. Freewaters sends 1% of its net sales to grassroots organizations.

As for the slippers, they have an indoor-outdoor sole that’s perfect for casual days spent around the house. They slip on easily and keep your feet cozy.

8. Rikumo

8. Rikumo
Credit: rikumo.com/

Rikumo room slippers are made of Sasawashi fabric. This material comes from a type of Japanese paper that’s infused with plant fibers. It’s naturally deodorizing and antimicrobial. It absorbs sweat and odors. It’s a sustainable fabric that doesn’t deplete environmental resources or use wasteful processing methods.   

Rikumo works with local Japanese craftspeople and artisans to produce sustainable, simple products.

9. Toast

9. Toast slippers
Credit: www.toa.st

Toast’s wool suede slippers are so cozy that they’re hard to take off. The upper is made of hand-felted wool. Artisans sew the upper onto a suede sole.

The company follows fair-trade principles, making the slippers via a cooperative in Nepal. The company maintains a solid ethical statement and works only with suppliers that can follow ethically made practices.

10. Kyrgies

10. Kyrgies slippers
Credit: kyrgies.com/

Kyrgies sells ethically made slippers for kids and adults. The house slippers are made in Kyrgyzstan using centuries-old felting techniques from central Asia and ethical farming practices. The sheep that provide the wool graze free-range in pastures. The slipper-making process takes up to six weeks.

The home slippers are meant to be worn outdoors, but they can withstand light errands outside of the house. They’re perfect for wearing to a yoga class or the gym and often come with arch support.

11. Parachute Home

11. Parachute Home
Credit: www.parachutehome.com/

Parachute makes products from organic cotton. In addition to its sustainable mattresses, the company offers slippers that are luxurious and sustainable. The Oeko-Tex certified cotton and polyester slippers are created by hand in Turkey. These organic cotton slippers are as soft as a cloud.

The company aims to make products without the use of synthetic or harmful chemicals. It also provides malaria nets to people in need.

12. Toms Slippers


Toms is a certified B-Corp company that are working hard to reduce its impact on the environment.

They have a range of slippers available including a number of vegan slipper options.

Their range caters for both men and woman.

Other Amazing Sustainable Slipper Brands to Check Out

Socco Designs

Have a number of ethically, Vegetable-tanned handmade made from Suede Leather slippers all made in Morrocco. All of their suppliers practice sustainable methods.


An Austrian company dedicated to high-quality style, high-performance materials, and minimal waste.  Their process leaves 0% scraps, uses up to 90% recycled water in production, and has 100% use of renewable resources.

Intoa Design

Make procured slippers that are stylish slip-on denim made from recycled jeans with a lining made from recycled wool or terry.  The soles are made from recycled needle-punch carpe.


make ethically and sustainably sourced house slippers that also come in recycled packaging. They use vegan wool and have arch support for extra comfort.


A Female founded company that uses sustainable materials such as plant based apple leather & sugar cane as well as recycled bottles.

When it comes to sustainability, your choice makes a difference. Having seen a number of sustainable and eco-friendly slipper options, be sure to check out our mega guide of sustainable shoe brands with over 61+ brands offering stylish environmentally friendly shoe options.