19 Best Organic Swimwear Brands for 2023

organic swimwear

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If you are looking for eco-friendly swimwear made from natural or recycled materials and not sure where to start, we have you covered.

Below we have listed some of our favorite brands along with some lesser-known independent creators, in a bid to bring you the best in organic, sustainably sourced swimsuits and bikinis for women. From daring poolside bikinis to rash vests and swimwear designed to hold up in the surf, there’s something here for everyone.

We are also blown away by the innovation from many of these companies, many of whom create their swimwear out of recycled nylon from fishing nets and plastic bottes as well as organic and eco-friendly materials such as hemp and bamboo cotton.

Once you check these out you’ll be dying to hit the beach!

Organic swimwear brands: a review our our favourites

Best organic swimwear brands

1. Reversible Extended Break One-Piece Swimsuit – Patagonia

Materials: 83% recycled polyester/17% spandex jersey
Where to get it: Patagonia

Women's reversible one-piece eco swimwear by Patagonia
Credit: patagonia.com

For those looking to jump into some eco-swimwear, Patagonia is a good place to start.

Made using Fair Trade Certified practices, this swimwear is made in one of the Patagonia factories in Colombia

They have a large selection of other organic products ranging from sweaters to hats, including organic beach towels to top off your eco beach outing, as well as menswear and kids, so you can deck out the whole family.

This fashion brand is highly active in trying to make a difference. Along with their 1% tax, they impose on themselves which goes to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment, they are active in various forms of activism to help our planet.

2. Mara Hoffman – Bikini.com

Mara Hoffman - Bikini.com organic swimsuit
Credit: bikini.com

Materials: 100% organic cotton
Where to get it: marahoffman.com

With this beautiful eco-friendly swimsuit, you can take sustainable fashion at the beach to the next level.

This Mara Hoffman one-piece is made entirely from 100% organic cotton fabric and features lace-up sides and adjustable straps.

This swimwear brand has a number of organic products mostly in clothing and body care but also has a number of eco-friendly alternatives to purely organic swimwear.

3. The Lola One-Piece – Galamaar

Galamaar eco-friendly Lola One Piece swimsuit made from recycled Econyl
Credit: galamaar.com

Materials: 88% recycled Econyl® / 22% Spandex
Where to get it: Galamaar.com

A classic minimalist style featuring adjustable cross-shoulder straps and a chic yet tasteful low backline, Lola will never go out of style – which is just as well, since Galamaar’s swimsuits are designed for longevity as part of their sustainability commitments.

Made from recycled Econyl fabric – nylon created from discarded fishing nets – Galamaar’s waste-to-wear ethos is combined with UPF 50+ protection and OEKO-TEX certified fabric, meaning you are investing in a quality bathing suit. The Galamaar factory is family-owned and operated out of LA and is dedicated to embedding sustainable and ethical practices throughout its business.

4. Organic Cotton Crotchet Swimsuit

Materials: 100% organic cotton
Where to get it: Etsy.com

Organic Cotton handmade Crochet Swimsuit
Credit: etsy.com

If you are looking for eco-friendly organic swimwear then this bikini piece from Anna and Olena Panisova is worth a look.

Handmade from 100% organic cotton fabric this organic swimwear not only looks good but feels soft and comfortable to wear. It also gives off those groovy 70’s vibes!

5. Organic Island Girl Tanner Bikini Top – Hemphuggers

Organic Island Girl Tanner Bikini Top - Hemphuggers hemp and organic cotton white bikini
Credit: hemphuggers.com

Materials: 54% Organic Hemp 43% Organic Cotton
Where to get it: Hemphuggers.com

The Island Girl Tanner Bikini Top is one in a larger range made by this swimwear brand. Like many of their pieces, this is a custom-made, handcrafted, bathing suit made from a nice blend of organic hemp and organic cotton.

Hemp Huggers have a swimwear line that includes, mix and match bikini swimwear, one piece swimsuits as well as a range of eco-friendly clothing for women, all handmade from organic hemp and cotton with international shipping and made in the USA.

6. Organic Bamboo Cotton bodysuit- Etsy

Organic bamboo cotton black one piece bathing suit

Materials: 98% bamboo cotton 2% spandex
Where to get it: Etsy.com

As far as one piece swimsuits go you won’t find too many as comfortable as this. Why? Bamboo cotton is one of the softest fabrics on the planet.

Made from 98% bamboo cotton this organic swimwear is sustainable and highly absorbent.

7. Jenna One Piece – Vitamin A

Jenna One Piece - Vitamin A swimsuit made from recycled materials
Credit: vitaminaswim.com

Materials: Plant-based and recycled materials.
Where to get it: Vitaminaswim.com

Perhaps not quite entirely organic but worth a mention anyhow due to their production process.

As far as one pieces go you won’t find many more stylish. This fashion brand really mixes sustainability with fashion.

Vitamin A have a large collection of swimwear for women including bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and general beachwear.

Probably the most interesting part about this swimwear though is how they are made.

Their swimwear is made from plastic bottles, fishing nets and ‘ghost nets’ which are then recycled into EcoLux™ – a fabric made from recycled fibers.

As far as swimwear fashion brands go, Vitamin A are definitely worth your time and consideration.

8. Sydney One Piece Reversible – Woodlike

Sydney One Piece Reversible - Woodlike eco-friendly swimsuit
Credit: woodlikeocean.com

Materials: 78% regenerative ECONYL® nylon yarn and 22% Xtra Life Lycra®
Where to get it: Woodlike.com

We can’t mention swimsuits made from fish nets without mentioning Woodlike.

Old and ghost fishnets are recycled into and used to create part of the ECONYL® nylon yarn.

Woodlike has some really amazing swimsuits for women, including, bikini bottoms, tops and one pieces, all of which look stunning.

They have a large range of styles which will likely suit most tastes.

Like Vitamin A – Woodlike are a sure go-to for an eco-friendly but fashionable swimwear brand.

9. Luz | Organic Maylo Swimsuit – Landskysea

Luz | Organic Maylo Swimsuit - Landskysea sustainable swimwear
Credit: landskysea.com

Materials: 93% Organic Cotton and 7% Elastane
Where to get it: Landskysea.com

The Luz swimsuit “brings to mind the grace and gentleness of a Grecian heroine” and is definitely one for the discerning lady.

Made from 93% cotton and 7% Elastane which is certified by the GOTS® and is created under fair trade conditions.

Mixing good fashion with sustainability this brand offers a number of swimsuit options as well as a number of other eco-friendly products.

10. Rebel Red – Natasha Tonic

Rebel Red - Natasha Tonic hemp swimsuit

Materials: natural hemp fabrics
Where to get it: Natashatonic.com

This red swimwear from Natasha tonic typifies their dedication to class. Hand-dyed and sewn in Los Angeles, USA, it is made from natural hemp fibers.

It might be worth a change from your regular polyester made swimsuits as the natural hemp fabric resists bad bacteria that otherwise accumulate with your polyester/polyamide swimsuits.

It is ECOCERT certified.

This swimwear brand offers a variety of swimwear made from hemp and also a range of hemp activewear.

11. Orient One Piece-  Kalyn Gardner

Orient One Piece-  Kalyn Gardner organic cotton and handcrafted swimsuit
Credit: kaylyngardnerknitwear.com

Materials: 100% organic cotton naturally dyed with avocados
Where to get it: Kalyngardner.com

Want a completely unique/hand-crafted personally for you, swimsuit? How about this design from Kayn Gardner.

Made from 100% organic cotton these swimsuits are made to your size and then dyed to finish off, leaving you with something the same but different.

Kalyn Gardner has a range of swimwear and general knitwear for woman made from eco-friendly materials.

12. Slo Active

Slo Active plant-based swimwear
Credit: sloactive.com

Materials: Yulex – Plant materials
Where to get it: Sloactive.com

If you are looking for something a bit sporty and elegantly sleek, then you will want to check out Slo Active’s range.

Made from Yulex – a sustainable plant-based alternative to neoprene, this swimsuit is soft, supple, lightweight and flexible providing high levels of comfort.

This brand has a good range of swimwear for women including bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and wetsuits.

For every purchase made Slo Active donates to one of their ocean charity partners.

13. Malibu One Piece Black – September the Line

Malibu One Piece Black - September the Line made from recycled materials
Credit: septembertheline.com

Materials: 78% ECONYL® regenerated nylon and 22% elastane made from pre and post industrial waste
Where to get it: Septembertheline.com

This elegant one-piece swimsuit is perfect for lounging at the pool or activity at the beach.

Made from sustainable materials this swimwear and the recycled nylon is woven with 22% Xtra Life Lycra®, a higher durability than mainstream swimwear fabric which makes it far more durable than other swimwear.

September the Line has a large range of amazing-looking swimwear including both bikinis and one-piece items.

14. Monaco Bandeau Ring Bikini Top – Laara Swim

Monaco Bandeau Ring Bikini Top - Laara Swim sustainable swimwear
Credit: laaraswim.com

Materials: ECONYL®
Where to get it: Laaraswim.com

Stand out in the crowd with this stylish bikini from Laara Swim.

Made from (recycled Nylon) ECONYL® this sustainable swimwear is ultra chlorine resistant, offers UV protection and is ISO certified.

Laara Swim definitely oozes class with their designs and has an extensive range of swimwear including bikinis, one-piece, and sarongs.

This Danish company is one to look at if you want to look good at the beach while also knowing you’re doing good for the environment.

15. Camellia Contour Crop – Peony Swimwear

Camellia Contour Crop - Peony Swimwear eco-friendly bikini

Materials: ECONYL®
Where to get it: Peonyswimwear.com

You will look be looking great at the beach with this stunningly striking bikini.

Like all of Peony’s swimwear 100% of the materials used are from recycled materials such as recycled fibres and nylon.

Peony is a small independent family-owned business based in Australia dedicated to conscious creation and delivering collections that pioneer sustainability.

16. ‘Kelia’ Reversible Twist Back Bikini – Do Good Swimwear

Materials: ECONYL®
Where to get it: Dogoodswimwear.com

'Kelia' Reversible Twist Back Bikini - Do Good Swimwear made from recycled materials
Credit: dogoodswimwear.com

“Simplicity at its finest” sums up this beautiful piece from Do Good Swimwear.

Made using ocean waste (such as, fish nets, plastic bottles, and old nylons) which is then recycled and turned into a beautiful, soft, and comfortable material.

Do Good has a good collection of swimwear for the sustainably-minded person and for each product purchased, they put money back into conservation efforts including ontreeplated.org and Trees For The Future, so you know your dollar is helping the planet.

17. Pfeiffer One Piece – Arrow and Phoenix

Pfeiffer One Piece - Arrow and Phoenix made from recycled material
Credit: arrowandphoenix.com

Materials: 100% recycled material, 100% recycled yarn
Where to get it: Arrowandphoenix.com

This elegant one-piece is perfect as a swimsuit at the beach or a bodysuit. It comes in multiple colors and sizes and is made in the USA from 100% recycled material and 100% recycled yarn.

Not only are Arrow and Phoenix doing their bit with the materials used in their products but with every purchase $5 is donated to The Coral Restoration Foundation to aid in beach clean-up efforts and the restoration of coral reefs.

So if you are eco-conscious you can be assured your money is going to good use.

18. Water Warrior One-Piece Swimsuit – Vivida Lifestyle

Credit: vividalifestyle.com

Materials: 80% Recycled Polyester 20% Elastane
Where to get it: vividalifestyle.com

How cool are these? Probably one of my favorites. Made of recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles this one-piece not only looks cool but is also UPF 50+ fabric.

Vivda Lifestyle have a good range of swimwear, which all look amazing.

Along with the swimwear they also have a large range of other clothing, for both men and women ranging from sweaters and hoodies, to yoga wear and wetsuits.

I highly recommend checking out their range.

19. The Games Suit – Seea x Outerknown

Seea x Outerknown fair trade recycled material one-piece women's swimsuit
Credit: outerknown.com

Materials: 80% Recycled Polyester, 20% Spandex
Where to get it: outerknown.com

A retro-80s’s inspired piece, this swimsuit is made in California with fair trade practices with Seea offering repairs and recycling for all their swimsuits

Outerknown sell a full range of items from swimwear to hoodies to shirts for both men and women. This range was the result of a collaboration with Seea as well as professional surfer, Sage Erickson, to ensure it’s fit for a whole range of water activities but still looks good enough for sunning on the beach!

90% of the fibers they source are organic, recycled or regenerated and 100% of their trunks are made with recycled or renewable fibers.

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