How we review and recommend sustainable and ethical brands

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At Econosa, we’re committed to providing you with trustworthy and comprehensive information regarding ethical and sustainable brands. Our meticulous review process ensures that you, as a consumer, can make informed decisions that align with your values and contribute to a better, more sustainable future.

We take pride in our thorough approach to evaluating sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands as we understand it can be overwhelming trying to navigate all of the conflicting information and greenwashing out there. Our research takes into account a range of factors including:

  • sustainability certifications and credentials,
  • historical background,
  • social and environmental responsibility,
  • production methods and lifecycle,
  • shipping processes, and
  • the treatment and compensation of workers.

We delve deep into the materials used by these brands, assessing their environmental impact and sustainability.

Transparency is fundamental to our ethos. While we may earn affiliate commissions for recommending certain brands (see our Affiliate Disclosure Statement here), this is not the determining factor in our evaluations. Our priority is to present credible, reliable information to our readers. As part of this commitment, we regularly review and endorse ethical and sustainable brands, regardless of any commissions or incentives. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to make conscientious purchasing decisions that positively impact the environment and support ethical practices within the industry.

At Econosa, we’re dedicated to being your trusted resource on the journey towards ethical and sustainable living – this is our contribution to a greener future.

You can learn more about the Econosa team here. We also welcome you to contact us with any feedback or requests to review specific products or brands.

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It would be hypocritical if we didn’t put our money where our mouth is.

That’s why we donate 2% of any earnings from to the Rainforest Trust, whose goal is to purchase and protect the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement.

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