10 Best Organic Slippers for 2023

Best organic slippers

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Trying to find the best organic slippers to keep your feet warm in the winter and fresh in the summer?

Then you came to the right place!

In this article, we’re reviewing the top 10 organic slippers available on the market for men, women, and even children.

We also included a buying guide to help you choose and maintain your organic slippers.

10 Best Organic Slippers

Best Organic Slipeprs

Whether it is to keep your feet warm, or just to have something on your feet strolling around the house, your feet will love you for these breathable, natural slippers. Below, we have listed our choices for the best organic slippers available.

1. HomeTop Comfort Slip On 

Women's HomeTop organic house slippers

The HomeTop Comfort Slip-On House Slippers are widely popular among thousands of customers looking for good-quality construction and materials. These slippers focus mainly on providing maximum comfort.

They feature an improved insole consist of 3 layers of high-density memory foam and sponge to reduce foot stress every time you plant your feet down.

The temperature-sensitive French terry upper will secure your feet in all the right spots, while the slightly closed heel design keeps them toasty.

Additionally, the lining is made of skin-friendly cotton fabric for extra softness and cushioning.

They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use around the house.

It comes with a non-skid waterproof natural rubber outsole to give traction and prevent slipping.

Available in grey, black, blue, and red colors, the HomeTop Comfort Slip-Ons offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the purchase.

3 layers of high-density memory foam
Non-slip sole
Machine washable

Not very durable stitching

Find out more at Amazon

2. WALK.HERO Canvas Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Another top-rated option is the WALK.HERO Canvas Indoor/Outdoor Slippers for folks needing chic yet comfy premium slippers.

This pair combines casual slip-on design with a cross-weave weathered canvas upper made of organic cotton.

There’s an elastic piece on both sides of each slipper to let you adjust how it fits from the heel and over the arch.

They also feature skin-friendly moisture-wicking lining so you can easily slip them on after a long day.

They offer orthotic-grade arch support with a deep heel cup to help alleviate pressure and control motion.

The WALK.HEROs are a great option if you’re suffering from flat feet, heel pain, or ball of foot pain.

The sole is made using non-slip natural rubber for reliable traction, while the sporty 2-part cut boosts foot grip.

Available in a wide selection of classic colors, they come with a removable fleece insole for the winter and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Durable materials
Wide forefoot
Orthotic-grade support
Removable insole

On the pricey side

Find out more at Amazon

3. ULTRAIDEAS Comfort 

Ultraideas men's cotton slippers

From ULTRAIDEAS we have these knitted cotton slippers that are designed to address all aspects of comfort for an all-round enjoyable experience.

Both the upper and lining of these slippers are made out of high-quality cotton fabric for ultimate softness.

The cotton material also does an excellent job absorbing moisture from your feet, while the waffle texture allows for decent aeration.

Moreover, the insole has high-density foam to increase flexibility so the slippers can conform to the shape of your feet and stay like that.

The outsole is constructed from eco-friendly and waterproof rubber to protect you against slipping.

Suitable for all seasons with durable fine stitching, the ULTRAIDEAS Comfort Knitted Cotton Slippers are machine washable and available in 5 different color options.

Breathable waffle design
Impressive stitching
Foldable for easy packing

The padding can be thicker

Find out more at Amazon

4. ChicNChic Cotton Knit House Slipper

ChicNChic organic velvet house slippers

The ChinNChic Cotton Knit House Slipper has thousands of positive reviews praising its elegant design and terrific attention to detail.

The first thing to notice about these organic cotton slippers is how soft and flexible they feel.

You also can’t miss the unique cover heel design that keeps your feet toasty and prevents the slippers from falling off.

The upper is made out of knitted cotton to deliver warmth on chilly days, while the plush pure organic velvet lining boosts the coziness factor but still lets your feet breathe.

You won’t have to worry about sweaty or smelly feet.

Additionally, the ChinNChic Cotton Knit House Slipper features environmentally friendly and waterproof thermoplastic rubber soles for better traction.

They also don’t damage any type of floor including wood and tile.

Available in 3 colors, these slippers are suitable for indoor use as well as running errands around the house such as walking the dog or taking out the trash.

Cute design
Covered heel style
Organic velvet lining

The outsole and lining are pink only

Find out more at Amazon

5. FANTURE House Slippers

Fanture cotton and cashmere house slippers

The FANTURE House Slippers combine exquisite craftsmanship with prolonged comfort for a truly enjoyable wearing time.

The uppers are made of organic cotton and cashmere blend, knitted using durability-boosting techniques for extended service.

These slippers feature sturdy, waterproof thermoplastic rubber soles that perform well indoors and decently enough for moderate outdoor use.

The anti-skid texture on the bottom provides secure footing and protects the floor from scratching.

As for the insole, it consists of one layer of high elastic sponge heel and one layer of premium high-density foam. Together, they deliver long-lasting cushioning and warmth to reduce fatigue and relieve pressure.

The coral velvet lining is very soft on the skin and keeps your feet warm on cold nights. The slippers are machine washable and available in multiple colors.

Cotton and cashmere-blend
Coral velvet lining
Good stitching

Not a lot of arch support

Find out more at Amazon

6. CeLaVi Unisex Wool Booties

CeLaVi Unisex Wool Booties for babies and toddlers

For all the parents and guardians out there trying to find organic slippers for their little ones, the CeLaVi Unisex Wool Booties are ideal for pre-walkers, first walkers, toddlers, and young kids.

Taking growth and development into account, CeLaVi slippers are designed to be 1.5 cm (1 inch) bigger than your child’s feet to maintain a comfortable fit as they get older.

These CeLaVi slippers are made out of 100% organic Merino wool, which is thick yet breathable to gently warm those little toes and feet without overheating.

Additionally, the outsoles are soft leather that mimic barefoot standing and walking to promote proper development of feet and muscles in infants and toddlers.

CeLaVi organic slippers are designed to suit both girls and boys. You can even choose from 9 different colors to suit your kid’s style.

Made of breathable wool
Unisex design
Encourages healthy foot development


Find out more at Amazon

7. Arus Turkish Organic Cotton Slippers

Turkish terry cotton affordable slippers

If you’re a bit on a budget and in the market for something affordable but still comfortable and organic, the Organic Cotton Slippers from Arus may be exactly what you need.

These slippers are made of 100% Turkish terry cotton, imported right from Turkey to your doorstep.

They’re highly absorbent, which makes them great bath slippers as well.

The Arus slippers are also quite breathable so your feet won’t get sweaty while wearing them for a long time.

The outsole is durable EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) to provide traction, while the insole is terry cotton for extra warmth.

These organic cotton slippers are available in 9 colors but come in one size only.

The sole’s length is 11 inches and its width is 4.5 inches.

Made in Turkey
Very soft

One size only

Find out more at Amazon

8.ofoot Cotton Open Toe House Flat Slippers

Men's cotton open toe house slippers

If you’re in the market for an open-toe style of organic slippers, then the ofoot Cotton Open Toe House Flat Slippers could be where your search stops.

The whole slipper is made out of 100% organic cotton fabric for maximum softness on the skin.

The material is completely environmentally friendly and highly breathable to give you an unmatched comfy wearing experience.

The open-toe design of these slippers also supports breathability, making them a wonderful choice during summer and spring.

Not to mention, they’re notably lightweight, so your feet won’t feel too confined.

The ofoot organic cotton slippers feature high-quality memory foam insoles that are spongy and don’t easily deform.

The anti-slip rubber outsoles will keep you safe and protect your floor from scratching.

The segmented pattern of these slippers is minimalistic but chic.

They’re available in 3 basic colors and come with a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee.

Open-toe design
Highly breathable
Rebound foam insole

Not for wide feet

Find out more at Amazon

9. SOLOSMART Cotton Summer House Slippers

Solosmart Cotton women's house slippers

The SOLOSMART Cotton Summer House Slippers are another fantastic choice for people interested in a classic design to keep their feet comfy while indoors.

The uppers and the lining of these slippers are 100% organic cotton cloth.

They offer great breathability and comfort, saving you from having sweaty and smelly feet throughout spring and summer.

These simple yet fashionable slippers feature sturdy thermoplastic rubber outsoles that hold up nicely inside and outside the house.

The anti-skid texture protects you from slipping and keeps your steps quiet at night.

As for the insole, it consists of 3 layers of sponge filled with high-density memory foam. They deliver springy comfort by molding to the contours of your feet.

Available in black, dark grey, burgundy, and light grey colors, these slippers are machine washable and come with a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

Classic design
Ample cushioning

Prone to wearing out

Find out more at Amazon

10. BCTEX Knitted Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

BCTEX COLL cotton house slippers

Last but not least, the BCTEX Knitted Cotton Slippers are designed to provide comfort all year long whether in summer’s heat or winter’s cold.

The uppers and the lining of these slippers are both made out of 100% organic cotton to give you an ultra-soft touch feeling.

This material also excels in absorbing sweat and moisture from your feet, ensuring that your feet stay dry, fresh, and odor-free.

Additionally, the insole features high-density memory foam to support flexibility so the slippers can mould to the shape of your feet as if you’re walking on a pillow.

The outsole is built using eco-friendly and waterproof rubber that’s thick and sturdy for extended service time.

The anti-slip wavy texture protects you from accidents and keeps you safe in the bathroom.

The BCTEX Knitted Cotton Slippers are machine washable and suitable for moderate outdoor use.

Simple design
Great for wide feet
Easy to slip on

Limited color options

Find out more at Amazon

What are Organic Slippers?

Organic slippers are slippers made out of organic textiles, which are grown in a controlled environment without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or other chemicals – only natural fertilizers are used.

The water and the soil are also monitored.

As a result, if a textile is certified organic, this means its growing conditions have been monitored and approved by one of the several organizations of organic trade.

A fabric is considered organic as long as 95% of its composition is organic textiles.

Consequently, organic slippers are slippers in which 95% or more of their fabric construction is made of organic fibers.

Many people confuse the term “organic” with “eco-friendly”, so let’s quickly clear that up.

Environmentally friendly or eco-friendly fabrics are made using fibers that don’t need pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals to grow.

They can naturally resist mould, mildew, and other diseases.

How to Choose Organic Slippers

The following are the most important features you should consider so you can find the best organic slippers for your needs.

Avoid synthetic materials as much as possible to stay in line with your goal. Organic slippers are typically made of organic cotton wool.
Organic cotton slippers are often soft and comfy, but they may not offer enough warmth for colder months. Wool, on the other, is ideal for autumn and winter, but never for summer.

Pay extra attention to the sizing chart that the manufacturer provides. Double-check your measurements and remember, if you’re not too sure about a certain size, always go bigger. More space to snuggle in your feet is better than being stuffed up.

If you suffer from any foot pain, it’s a good idea to look for slippers offering some sort of arch or heel support. At the very least, look for slippers with plenty of padding.

How to Clean and Maintain Organic Slippers

Most organic slippers out there are made out of cotton. If yours are cotton as well, you can either machine wash or hand wash them.

Wash cotton slippers in the machine on warm (never hot) gentle settings. If you want to use the dryer, set it on low heat or let them air dry instead.

However, if you don’t want to risk putting your slippers into the washing machine, just hand wash them in warm, soapy water.

Simply place the slippers in the water solution so they’re soaking up the water, then scrub them together to remove the dirt.

Leave the slippers soaking for about 10 minutes, then rinse the slippers, squeeze out the excess water, and let them air dry.

If your slippers often get smelly and unpleasant, chances are you come home after long days and put your slippers straight on.

By doing this, you’re taking the sweat and smell from your shoes and putting them right into the slippers.

Wearing your slippers without socks is another reason why slippers get smelly The outsoles on most slippers trap odors passed from your feet’s sweat glands, and without socks, there’s nothing to stop this from happening.

Keep your slippers smelling fresh by wearing them on clean feet, preferably with a clean pair of socks. You’ll need to also wash them regularly and you can try sprinkling a little baking soda inside to absorb odors in between washes.

Wrap Up

Choosing the best organic slippers can be a confusing task.

Not only are there many brands and designs to think about, but there are also several features you need to consider such as material, size, padding, and outsole construction.

This is why we included only the top-performing organic slippers so you end up with a reliable pair no matter what.

Following our buying guide, you’ll easily find the right slippers for your needs from our list.

That being said, we recommend the WALK.HERO Canvas Indoor/Outdoor Slippers as today’s winner.

These organic cotton slippers are very durable and comfy, offering orthotic-grade arch support and plenty of forefoot room for people with wide feet.

However, if you’re looking for something on the more affordable side, check out the Arus Turkish Organic Cotton Slippers.

Looking for organic slippers, or sustainable slippers? Check out our guides.

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