11+ Sustainable Thin Hoodies for Summer (2023)

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Looking for thin hoodies for those cool summer nights?

Below we detail our favorite choices, but not only that the hoodies we have chosen are from environmentally-friendly brands and made from sustainable materials such as wool, bamboo, coffee beans, recycled plastic, hemp and more.

Below we detail why that should matter, but if you are looking to get into it, check out our favourites below along with a number of other brands to check out.

Our Favourite Thin Hoodies for Summer

thin hoodies for summer - eco-friendly and sustainable options

1. Allbirds R&R Hoodie

Allbirds R&R carbon neutral Hoodie

Allbirds R&R Hoodie is perfect for those looking for a thin hoodie that you can also wear all year round

It has a cool, slim fit style and best of all the purchase of this garment is carbon neutral thanks to the materials and purchase of carbon credits.

Perfect for the beach, walking the dog or lazing on the couch, look good, feel good and stay comfortable in this thin hoodie for summer.


The modern slim fit hoodie is made from natural, breathable materials. 50% organic Peruvian cotton, 30% hemp and 20% TENCEL™ Lyocell.


Allbirds are very transparent with the carbon footprint and infact, have the footprint of each product measured independently. AND the carbon footprint is even printed on their tops, to keep some accountability. Using sustainably materials and refining their production processes along with the purchase of any needed carbon credits, Allbirds ensures their product is carbon neutral.
Allbirds are a certified B-Corp Company.

Product Range

There is a good selection of around 5 different colors and sizes start from XS and go up to XXXL and that is for both men and women.

Find out more at Allbirds.com

2. Free Fly

Free Fly organic bamboo hoodie
Credit: freefly.com

Another clothing brand making slim hoodies that are perfect for summer, and also sustainable, is Free Fly. Made with the outdoors in mind, Free Fly specialise in clothing that is light, breathable and can be worn days without a wash, thanks to the materials used.


This clothing brands hoodies are made from bamboo.

Why choose a bamboo hoodie?

According to Freefly:
Bamboo fibers make our fabric blends more breathable than cotton, hemp, wool, or synthetic fabrics. It also stands out for being naturally odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and renewable, grows rapidly with minimal water, and requires no pesticides or fertilizers.

You can also rest easy knowing their bamboo is certified organic.


Bamboo is one of the better sustainable materials out there due to its extremely fast growth with little need for water. Free Fly sources their bamboo from Northern China and is grown on FSC Certified Regenerative farmland. Along with being Certified organic, they are also certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Product Range

They have a few different styles of lightweight hoodies with a number of beautiful pastel colors to choose from. They also have clothing for men and women.

Find out more at Free Fly

3. Unbound Merino

Unbound Merino Wool hoodie
Credit: unboundmerino.com

Fashion meets sustainability with this brand’s Merino Wool hoodies.

With a choice between a lightweight zip up hoodie, or a standard hoodie, Unbound Merino has something whatever your fashion choice may be.


Unbound Merino’s hoodies are made from… you guessed it, Merino Wool.

Wool is a great material as it regulates your body temperature in winter and summer and is also very lightweight.

The wool is sustainably sourced from independent cruelty-free farms in Australia and best of all the garment is biodegradable.

Perfect for any season, with this sweatshirt you won’t have to wash it as often as other garments, due to its waxy coating Lanolin, which helps wick moisture away from your body, and acts as a safeguard against odor-causing bacteria.


Their garments are made from 97% wool and 3% elastane for a longer-lasting garment. The wool is Woolmark Certified Wool along with Responsible Wool Standard certified and has Worldwide Responsible Accredited certified production.

Product Range

They have a few different style options with 3-4 or so options and sizes ranging from S to XXL for men, but not yet for women.

Find out more at Unbound Merino

4. Coalatree

Coalatree eco-friendly hoodie
Credit: Coalatree.com

If you are on the search for a lightweight hoodie to wear, check out Coalatree’s selection.

Made for people who love the outdoors by people who love the outdoors, Coalatree has its originals from a small self-sustaining farm in Colorado.


Their hoodies are made from a material that combines coffee beans and recycled plastic bottles which results in a soft and cozy fleece.
The material is stain resistant, UV resistant and dries quickly – not to mention this particular hoodie comes with a built-in headphone port.


Coalatree are certified by Fair Wear which independently focuses on worker health, safety, dignity and working conditions. They are also certified by Bluesign which ‘provides solutions for brands to create sustainable production for their garments and textiles’.

Along with these certifications, Coalatree gives back to many organizations locally and abroad, such as Adopt a Native Elder, Blankets for the Homeless, The Anasazi Foundation and around 13+ more non-profits and charities.

Product Range

They offer a couple of styles of hoodie, with 5 or so colors to choose from with options for men and women all at a reasonable price.

Find out more at Coalatree.com

5. Iron Roots

Iron Roots hemp and organic cotton hoodie
Credit: ironroots.com

A number of customers have commented in their reviews about how Iron Root’s hoodie is thinner than expected, and not baggy like most other hoodies, so if you are looking for a thin hoodie, Iron Roots is worth a look.


Their hoodie is made from 30% hemp which is sourced in Turkey and processed in Greece in a GOTS and SMETA accredited factory and 70% organic cotton used is also GOTS certified.
Hemp is a natural antibacterial that helps with odor and hemp also helps with the regulation of your body temperature.
Mixed with cotton it creates a soft and comfortable fabric to wear.


Iron roots are GOTS certified which certifies organic textiles and Forest Stewardship Council which means materials have come from responsibly managed forests/farms. Their factories are also SMETA certified ensuring fair wages and working environments.

Discounts are also given if you return your used Iron Roots garments in order to discourage your products from going to landfill.

Product Range

Unfortunately not a huge range of styles and colors but what they do have is very stylish. They have sizes for men and women that range from small to extra large.

Find out more at Iron Roots.com

6. Softwear

Softwear ethical and sustainable hoodie
Credit: softwear.com

Looking for something a little bit more flamboyant?

You might find Wearsoftwear to your liking.


Made from 68% Modal, 27% Cotton, 5% Spandex, this might be ‘the softest hoodie you have put on your body’.


It is manufactured ethically and sustainably in a Los Angeles-based family-run mill, and is Amercian made from thought to thread.

Product Range

They have a good selection of bright and colorful thin hoodies available for your summer adventures. 13 colors in fact with sizes ranging from S to XXL for both men and women.

Find out more at Softwear

Wanting to browse further?
Here are some more sustainable clothing brands stocking eco-friendly and organic hoodie ranges:


Tentree offer a good selection of hoodies made from various materials such as organic cotton, cork, and Tencel for both men and women.


Looking for something in a nostalgic style? Outerknown have sustainable hoodies that will take you back to the golden age or surf, skate and ski.


Pact have a nice selection of garments for men and women made from Fair Trade and GOTS-certified organic cotton.

United by Blue

Have a selection of 100% organic cotton hoodies, ethically made in China. 1 product purchased gets one pound of trash removed from the ocean. They are a certified B-Corp company.


Made from bamboo, cotton and lycra french, Beckons has a selection of hoodies for both men and women.

Why you should care that your Summer hoodie is sustainable?

Like many industries, it turns out the fashion industry is destructive to our planet.

Did you know 2.1 billion tons of CO2 emissions are released each year in the fashion industry?1

Did you know the U.S. citizen reportedly throws away 70 pounds (31.75kg) of clothing and other textiles each year? 2

I could go on with horrific stats, but the point is it is probably time we started thinking about our purchasing choices.

There are a lot of brands out there to choose from, but we hope you will start supporting brands trying to make a positive impact on the planet, such as the sustainable hoodie brands listed in this article, because even small decisions can make a difference.

Ben Turner

Growing up in New Zealand I have always had the gift of living in a beautiful, natural environment. With all the changes happening in the world, I wanted to actively try and make a difference (be it big or small) in helping protect nature that we have.

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