How to Clean Hemp Shoes: Best Tips and Tricks

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how to clean hemp shoes

Hemp is currently one of the most popular natural fibers because it can be made into a million things, including household products, hats, bags, ropes, and stylish hemp shoes. It’s a sustainable plant that doesn’t require any pesticides and purifies the air without depleting the soil’s nutrients.

Moreover, the products made of hemp tend to last for a very long time because the fibers are quite durable. So, if you’ve recently bought hemp sneakers, you’re probably wondering about how to clean hemp shoes without damaging them. You’re in the right place because we’ll teach you about the best cleaning tips to keep your eco-friendly hemp shoes in the best shape.

How to Clean Hemp Shoes

How to Clean Hemp Shoes

Hemp fibers and fabric are quite popular nowadays because they’re sturdy, versatile, weather-resistant, and eco-friendly. In addition, Hemp shoes don’t get affected by water and don’t lose their color with repeated use.

However, if your shoes get dirty, the stains might ruin their look. This is why you need to learn how to clean your hemp shoes without damaging them.

Compared to other materials like leather and suede, cleaning hemp shoes shouldn’t be a big issue. As a matter of fact, they’re more tolerant of the cleaning methods that might damage other shoes. Here are the best tips to keep your hemp shoes squeaky clean.

1. Wipe Them Regularly

Wipe your hemp shoes regularly with a wet cloth

Wiping your shoes regularly guarantees that they will always be clean and ready to wear. It’s recommended to wipe your sneakers at least once a month using a wet rag to remove the dust and debris that might cause stains if you don’t clean your shoes on a regular basis.

Hemp is water-resistant, so a wet cloth won’t damage the fabric or change its nature. You can leave your shoes to air-dry, and they will be as good as new.

2. Use a Mild Detergent for Spot Cleaning

Use a Mild Detergent for Spot Cleaning hemp shoes

Hemp fabric is absorbent, which means that a stain can quickly dry and ruin the shoes’ look. If you step into mud, spill food, or paint on your shoes, you need to clean the stain as soon as possible before it becomes harder to remove.

Use a mild detergent and a wet rag to remove the stain. If it’s a little bit stubborn, use a soft toothbrush to scrub it away. Don’t worry because the fibers won’t fray when you use a toothbrush to clean your shoes. You can also use a DIY solution made of baking soda and water to remove a tough stain.

3. Soak Your Shoes in Warm Water

Soak your hemp shoes in warm water to clean them

After a hike or a long weekend where you have enjoyed camping, giving your hemp shoes a thorough cleaning will be a must. In this case, it’s recommended to soak your sneakers in a bucket that contains warm water and a mild detergent. This will also clean the laces and the soles of your shoes.

4. Let The Mud Dry

How to remove mud from hemp shoes

You shouldn’t wash your hemp shoes in a washing machine because the heat can make the fabric shrink and eventually ruin your shoes. Instead, use a soft brush or sponge to scrub your shoes and let them sit in the cleaning solution for a bit if they seem too dirty or you’ve skipped cleaning them for an extended period.

If you have wet mud stains covering your shoes or lodged in between the tiny spaces on the soles, let the mud dry first. Wet mud can be a little bit challenging to remove, but when it dries, it turns into sand that can be easily brushed off.

Tap the soles of your shoes to remove the dry mud from the grooves and scrape the muddy particles from your shoes. After that, use a clean wet cloth with some mild detergent to clean any residue.

5. Wipe the Soles

How to clean the soles of hemp shoes

The soles of your hemp shoes are usually made of rubber to provide cushioning and good tracking on various surfaces. However, with repeated use, the rubber can change color, especially if it’s white, which can ruin the overall look of your hemp shoes.

To avoid this issue, you can prepare a potent cleaning solution made of one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of a mild detergent. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the outsoles of your hemp shoes, then wipe them clean and let them dry. This method will restore their white color.

6. Clean the Laces

In some cases, after soaking your shoes, the laces might still look dirty and dull. In this case, you can either remove them and soak them in a mixture of detergent and water, or you can wash them in the washing machine.

If you have white laces, you can also add bleach to the cleaning solution. Use color-safe bleach if you have colored laces to protect them from discoloration.

7.   Remove the Odor

To make your shoes smell fresh, prepare a mixture of baking soda and water and wipe the shoes from the inside. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes and wipe it with a clean cloth, then rinse your shoes. You can also leave tea bags inside your shoes overnight to remove the bad odor.

Wrap Up

Hemp shoes are highly durable, but you need to clean them regularly to keep them in the best shape. Luckily, these shoes don’t need more than just some water and a mild detergent to remove the stains. However, you should wipe them regularly to prevent the stains from setting and let them air-dry, so they always smell fresh.

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